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 Available Jobs and Pay

How much money will I get paid? 

Your pay will depend on your rank. The average new enlistee makes about $175 for 2 days. 

What if I dislike the job I choose, am I stuck with it? 

Absolutely not! You can be given the opportunity to cross train into another career field that is more desirable to you. The Air National Guard allows you to make your own career decision. 

What types of jobs or careers can I pursue? 

There are several opportunities one can pursue. The 156th Airlift Wing offers jobs in Medical, Finance, Culinary Arts, Human Resources, Security Forces, Aircraft Maintenance, Help Desk & Multi Media, Ministry, Flight Operations (Pilots) and many more.

What are my chances of getting deployed? 

There is always a chance that you will deploy. However, the Air National Guard can ensure that you will be fully trained with the skills to be mission ready at all times.
 Educational Benefits

Are there any enlistment bonuses available and if so how much? 

There is a $15,000 enlistment bonus depending upon the job. 

Can I get money for college/tuition? 

Yes. The Air National Guard offers the Montgomery G.I. Bill, which you may be eligible to receive. This will provide you with up to $297 per month depending on your course load. We also have the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker, which means that selected career fields offer an incentive, which could provide you with an additional $350 per month. 

Will my student loans be repaid? 

We offer up to a $20,000 student loan repayment payment program in certain career fields. You must enlist for 6 years to be eligible for this program. 
 Membership Requirements

Are there certain qualifications? 

Each member must be of age and be a high school graduate. Each interested applicant must complete a physical and an Air Force aptitude test also known as the ASVAB. 

 What does 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year include? 

Each member is required to attend unit training assemblies (UTA) one weekend a month. The UTA duty day is from 8:00am-4:30pm. Each day will include training and the operation of your job. The other 2 weeks a year are annual training days that must be completed to ensure that the member has completed all required training for their specific career field. This time is slotted to attend training schools or training at the base.

 What is my commitment? 

You have an option of enlisting for 6 years. Your commitment to the Air Guard is typically working one weekend each month and 15 annual training days every year. 

 What is the Air National Guard? 

The Air National Guard is a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies. 

In the US military, the Air National Guard, as part of the National Guard, is the organized militia of a particular US state and is a reserve component of the US Air Force, too. Each state, territory, and the District of Columbia has an Air National Guard. As Federally-organized militia, Air National Guard units are liable to activation by both the President of the United States and the governor of the state in which the ANG unit resides.

 When can I join? 

You can join at the age of 17 with parental consent or at the age of 18 with out parental consent. For those joining at age 17, you can join in the summer before your senior year of high school.

How long is basic training? 

8.5 weeks 


 How long will I be away from home? 

The length of the school depends on the career field. 


 How many times do I have to complete this training? 

Just once! 


What is basic training like? Is basic training hard? 

Basic training is not that difficult, and like anything else, what you put into it is what you get out of it. 


 What is technical training school? 

Commonly referred to as Tech School, it is a school designed to train you on the career field you have chosen.

 What rank will I enlist as? 

When enlisted for 6 years and depending on the career field, you have the opportunity to enlist as an Airman First Class with 2 stripes. 


 Where is basic training? 

Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.