Muniz Air National Guard Base rebuilds Medical and Dining Facilities

  • Published
  • By Air Force Capt. Matt Murphy, 156th Wing
  • 156th Wing

A $5.5 million reconstruction project at Muñiz Air National Guard Base in Carolina, Puerto Rico near completion and Airmen will soon enjoy new Medical and Dining Facilities.

"One of our priorities with for the Puerto Rico Air National Guard is to ensure Airmen have the best facilities and working environments," said Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brigadier General Jose J. Reyes. "We recognize the extraordinary importance of the base and restoring its facilities after the damage of Hurricane Maria, not only for the PRANG, but for all the people of Puerto Rico, this project is an integral part of the vision of modernization that we have been looking for."

The company that develops the projects is distinctly Puerto Rican and employs 30 workers from areas near the base, and uses over 50 local suppliers, having a direct impact on the commonwealth's economy. This association with the community is of paramount importance for the Puerto Rico National Guard. "A large part of our staff lives and works in the surrounding areas and we see this financial contribution is very important for this economy," said Col. Raymond Figueroa, Commander of 156th Airlift Wing. "With these new facilities everyone wins, because we build this with a great sense of pride, for the benefit of all."

The expected completion of the facilities is June 2019. "The investment in projects at the Muñiz Air Base not only allow us to operate more efficiently for the benefit of our Island and the Nation, but it gives us an additional stimulus while we wait for the assignment of a new mission for the PRANG,” said Reyes "We have the challenge of maximizing resources and fully complying with our missions, it is extraordinary to be able to develop these plans for the future."

The contractors work under the supervision of the Contracting and Civil Engineering offices at the 156th. All projects adhere to federal and state regulations and processes and are an equal opportunity for qualified bidders.