More than 170 PRANG Airmen set to deploy

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  • By Air Force Capt. Matt Murphy, 156th Wing
  • 156th

This week, a dozen Airmen from the Puerto Rico Air National Guard began their Personnel Deployment Function line, or PDF line, in effort to prepare for their assignments in support of multiple operations outside the U.S. These are just a few of the 170 plus members from the Mission Support Group who will do the same in the next few months. “As the new Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, I am proud of what these Airmen are about to do.,” said Brigadier General Jose J. Reyes. “The women and men who serve in the Puerto Rico National Guard do so on a volunteer basis. It is difficult in any circumstance to leave your home, family and job. Their commitment and service is honorable. It shows that these Bucaneros can answer the call.” Similar to the concept of “it takes a village,” – “it takes a base.” Members from medical, finance, legal, the chaplain’s office, logistics, supply, and more gathered in a hangar to provide a one-stop shop for these volunteers. “Today we have representatives from different sections of the base, working to process our Airmen for deployment,” said Capt. Noemi Lopez, PDF officer in charge. “We ensure the members’ readiness to travel and represent the 156th in different missions throughout the world. It’s our job to make sure they have all of the resources and training they need.” “I’m taking training on the law of war,” said MSgt. Armando Laureano as he sits at the computer at the Legal station for the PDF. Laureano is a Communications Cyber Transport and Infrastructure technician going to Germany for six months. Senior Airman Daniel Morales is a member of the 156th Ariel Port Squadron. In his role, his responsibilities include processing personnel and cargo, rigging for airdrop and loading equipment. “The PDF is great and it makes me feel like I have all my documents up to date and my affairs in order,” said Morales. “I’m headed to Afghanistan for six months.” “This is the largest deployment for our Mission Support Group members, none of whom are flyers, in our wing history,” said Col. Raymond Figueroa, Wing Commander. “It just goes to show that we do more than fly planes in the Air Guard. We are ready and willing force of professionals who can meet the needs of combatant commands throughout the world.” Members of the PRANG who are set to deploy will provide support to active duty operations in the Middle East, Europe and other undisclosed locations.