PRANG Spotlight - Senior Airman Ivonne Asencio, 156th Medical Group

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Victor Colon
  • 156th Wing

Senior Airman Ivonne Asencio is a public health technician with the 156th Medical Group here, working toward her doctorate in school psychology.

Asencio began her career with the Puerto Rico Air National Guard in 2016 and trained to become a public health technician. She joined the Air Force following her family’s path as service members, which influenced her ambition to serve.

"It makes me feel proud, serving as a public health technician right now," said Asencio. “This career protects our forces and helps accomplish the mission. I think I have a very important role in educating people and preventing outbreaks.”

As a public health technician, she realizes how important it is for the community to be informed and educated in public health topics.

“She provides excellent service to each member while she’s performing her job in a timely manner and ensuring that every member is treated with dignity and respect,” said Lt. Col. Ana Rivera, the 156th Medical Group public health officer.

Asencio says that working as a school psychologist in her civilian job has given her the skills to relate better with people around the base. The satisfaction of working with children as a school psychologist and contributing to her community and country is what she enjoys most about serving.

"I always think we need to be persistent in what we do as individuals," said Asencio. “I'm not easy at quitting, I think we must all finish our goals.”

Before becoming a full-time public health technician, Asencio worked as a school psychologist for the past 10 years. She currently works every Saturday on her internship, which is the last requirement to complete her doctorate. She says working to build a better society for future generations is very satisfying.

"My favorite thing about being part of the Air National Guard is having the chance of knowing people around the world, traveling, and serving our community," said Asencio.

Asencio wanted to become a public health technician because of the need to help and guide the new generation. Her goal is to become an officer. She also hopes to motivate and educate people around the island and help create a better community.