PRANG Spotlight- Staff Sgt. David Ramirez, 156th Logistics Readiness Squadron

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Eliezer Soto
  • 156th Wing

Staff Sgt. David Ramirez, heavy mobile equipment mechanic with 156th Logistics Readiness Squadron here, is a self-starter, a motivator, a top-performer and an innovator. During his six years of military service, he has successfully completed two different maintenance technical schools, aircraft fuel systems and vehicle management, and was recognized as top-graduate in both schools.

Ramirez began his career as a mechanic at a young age, and after becoming a licensed mechanic, he spent 11 years working independently and in the private sector. “All those years as a civilian mechanic provided me with vast knowledge that still drives me in my daily job,” said Ramirez.

Motivated by his long-time friend, Master Sgt. Luis Vega, 156th Wing information systems security manager, Ramirez joined the Air National Guard in 2015. “I saw his attention to detail in his performance at his civilian shop, I knew that his character and that his skill set would be a great addition to the Air National Guard family,” said Vega. “He was always ready and willing to get the job done; and he did so with excellence, these attributes are what why I knew he would be an invaluable asset.” 

Before beginning his military career, Ramirez understood that one key to his success would be immersing himself with a broad knowledge base. “Through the enlistment process I realized that I had to expand my professional expertise, therefore, I decided to attend the aircraft fuel systems technical school,” said Ramirez.

Maturity and skillfulness are fundamental characteristics in times of adversity. Early in his career as aircraft fuel system specialist, Ramirez played a major leadership role in managing his coworkers during relief missions after Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Furthermore, due to his professional versatility, he also supported the vehicle fleet during that time. “It was a very demanding experience, but I am grateful that we were able to fly in hundreds of electrical generators and supplies for our people and, at the same time, reinforce our ground operations at Muniz,” said Ramirez. 

In 2018, after the 156th Wing received a new mission, Ramirez decided to go back to his roots, and he became a heavy mobile equipment mechanic. “He has formidably integrated with this unit, because he is constantly instructing himself and teaching us new ways to improve at our job, within the regulations and policies of the Air National Guard,” said Master Sgt. Jose A. Moreno, 156th Wing vehicle fleet manager. “His top-notch military bearing, work ethic and initiative have had a noticeable and positive impact in our shop.”

As a recently promoted NCO, Ramirez’s goal is to use his role to mentor younger Airmen into proficient mechanics. Ramirez says his greatest satisfaction is being able to empower new generations to do the same.“Sgt. Ramirez is a gifted team worker and leader who maintains a great moral environment in our shop while coaching fellow Airmen,” said Moreno. 

“The military gives people an opportunity to mold their personal character and professional expertise into something greater than themselves,” said Ramirez. “Proficiency only comes with an open mind, a positive attitude and experience.”