PRANG Spotlight - Airman 1st Class Tyron Rodríguez, 156th Combat Communications Squadron

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Eliezer Soto
  • 156th Wing

Airman 1st Class Tyron Rodríguez, a transmission systems specialist with 156th Combat Communications Squadron here, is a rising star in our PRANG family. During this year’s Combat Comms Rodeo Training at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, Rodríguez was coined by Col. Troy Morgan, the 226th Combat Communications Group commander and by Brig. Gen. Kimberly A. Baumann, the assistant adjutant general-air, Rhode Island National Guard and Air National Guard assistant to Headquarters Air Force A-2/6, after exhibiting outstanding professionalism, knowledge and tactical leadership in the field. Commander's coining is a historical military tradition performed by senior leaders to acknowledge a member's extraordinary job, on the spot.

Since his childhood, Rodríguez felt a distinct desire to serve and achieve significant goals. Rodríguez has been coming to Muñiz Air National Guard Base with his dad, Master Sgt. Angel Rodríguez, the 156th Wing education and training manager, since he was a kid.

“During those years, I gained interest in serving my country alongside my dad," said Rodríguez.

In 2018, Rodríguez accomplished his very first professional milestone, joining the Air National Guard. Two years later, he accomplished his next significant objective by becoming a transmissions systems specialist. 

“After coming back from basic training, some instructors and friends showed me how the Operations Group serves our mission and I felt very very engaged with its mission,” said Rodríguez. “Therefore, after realizing how imperative combat communications are for the Air National Guard, I decided to be part of the unit.” 

“From day one, Airman 1st Class Rodríguez really focused on absorbing knowledge about our technologies; he is very diligent in his work and is always excited about learning more about what we do in combat comms, he will be a shining star for the unit as we go forward launching missions worldwide,” said Lt. Col. Troy Johnson, the 156th Combat Communications Squadron commander. “Even though Rodríguez has only been in the transmission systems career field for six months, he has showcased extensive knowledge on the GATR antenna set-up and concept operations, satellite communication theory and small communications package capabilities. Going to the Rodeo gave him a broader picture about his job, and he impressed a lot of people by proving himself in the field.” 

Encouraged by his unit leaders and coworkers, Rodríguez attended the 2021 Combat Comms Rodeo Training, what he described as a unique and rewarding career experience. 

“Being coined just once is a distinguished occasion, so getting coined twice on the same day by my commander and a brigadier general made me feel very humbled and honored,” said Rodríguez.

“During the rodeo, Airman 1st Class Rodríguez showed his skillfulness and autonomy by being one of the only PRANG members that actively interacted with members from the 283rd Combat Communication Squadron in the field,” said Capt. Carlos Vera, the 156th CBCS warfighter communication operation officer. “He is a great asset for our unit, and in the future, he will be a core member for the whole branch due to his ability of absorbing experience from senior leaders and the latest theoretical information available.”

Currently, Rodríguez is working toward his bachelor's degree in information security, a key stepping stone for a career field that he selected, thanks to his military job.

“I am very grateful for the military because it exposed me to different kinds of technologies that motivated me to set academic goals for the long term," said Rodríguez. “I have a great desire to progress personally and professionally, because I know that there are some expectations that have been set for me and I wish to overcome each one of them in order to accomplish our mission successfully. I want to take advantage of my youth to continue achieving meaningful goals and motivating other fellow Airmen to accomplish great things for themselves and their country.