PRANG Spotlight - Airman 1st Class Kenia Coreano, 156th Security Forces Squadron

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Rafael D. Rosa
  • 156th WIng

Airman 1st Class Kenia Coreano, a Security Forces journeyman with the 156th Security Forces Squadron, here, brings a wealth of knowledge to her section.

Coreano has been in security forces for two years but brings 10 years of experience from her civilian employment in the Puerto Rico police department.

She decided to enlist in the Puerto Rico Air National Guard with the intent to further develop her professional growth and gain new experiences. 

“Deciding to join the Air Force was scary at first because of the language barrier,” said Coreano. “But I wanted to prove to myself that whenever someone sets their mind on a goal, they can achieve it.”

Coreano brings a fresh perspective and input on how to improve processes by comparing both local law enforcement programs and procedures with those of the Air Force. 

She does so with a positive attitude and is proud to serve by ensuring that all personnel on base are safe to perform their respective duties and assignments.

“In the mornings I treat every person entering the base with respect and bring positive energy,” said Coreano. “Being the first person they see, it sets the tone and can help some have a good start to their day.”

Being able to contribute to the squadron and form part of the unity that is shared in security forces, Coreano finds a deep sense of purpose in helping others. 

With a willingness to help her peers and be an active part of a team, Coreano has even joined the Rising Six council and was selected as the public affairs liaison.

All while keeping in mind her goals of self-improvement and one day being part of the squadron's training section, so that she may pass down her experience to others.

“I visualize Coreano in the future as a flight trainer, maybe even a combat arms instructor,” said Tech. Sgt. Andres Ramos, the 156th SFS alpha flight supervisor. “She’s a great asset in regards to teaching others, with a mentorship mentality to help others improve in their work life.”