Puerto Rico ATAG-Air Promotes Respect, Professionalism and Empowerment

  • Published
  • By Josue Rivera
  • 156th Wing

U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Humberto Pabon Jr., the assistant adjutant general-air, Puerto Rico Air National Guard, visited the 141st Air Control Squadron, also known as the “Quijotes,” to engage with the Airmen and discuss future goals, mission execution and organizational core values, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Oct. 14-15, 2023.

“Since becoming the ATAG-Air in June, this is my first opportunity to immerse myself into the culture of the ‘Quijotes’ of the 141st ACS,” said Pabon. “I was able to engage with PRANG Airmen and promote our organizational core values of respect, professionalism and empowerment, which will guide how we conduct business at all levels.”

The purpose of Pabon’s visit to the 141st ACS was to provide guidance on how PRANG leadership can support the Airmen in accomplishing future goals and executing their mission.

As one of the 13 tactical air control squadrons across the U.S. Air Force, the 141st ACS mission is to provide worldwide around-the-clock battle management and command and control of air forces, air surveillance identification, airspace, and data link management.

“The ATAG’s visit reinforced his commitment to supporting our squadron’s combat operational mission and, most importantly, taking time to articulate his strategic vision that includes prioritizing the well-being of our Airmen, greatly empowered our Quijotes as they form the backbone of our operational readiness success,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. José Aldrich, the 141st ACS commander.

With a clear focus on instilling the organizational core values of respect, professionalism, and empowerment within the Puerto Rico Air National Guard, Pabon concluded his visit acknowledging U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jorge Cruz Bonilla, Staff Sgt. Kevin Soto, Senior Airman Arlene Torres, Airman 1st Class Juan Pacheco, Airman 1st Class Michael Cintrón, and Airman 1st Class Isaac Salinas for their dedication and service commitment.